Art by Rocca Luis César
Photography by Stéphanie Alcala

I’m Florian Lissot,
Senior UX Designer.

Coming from an engineering background, and 4 years working as a business intelligence consultant remotely, I like to make stuff as side-projects, like the Daily UX Challenge, or Mala Swimwear's website.

I joined the early stage of the Wizeline’s UX team after graduating from the UX Academy, with a public transportation project. Now working on client projects, facilitating workshops, and growing the team (both in size and processes).

As of client projects, I’ve had the chance to lead the user experience design on projects like a 🔑chatbot for a major home builder in the US, and mentor designers on projects like this 🔑e-Learning platform for a major game development platform. I also facilitated dozens of workshops, like an “on-boarding experience” Sprint for People Operations at Wizeline (internal client).

I use to share all the knowledge I get, from the community and the projects I work on, during Wizeline Academy talks, community talks, and by writing on Medium.