Art by Rocca Luis César
Photography by Stéphanie Alcala

I’m Florian Lissot,
Senior UX Designer.

Coming from an engineering and business intelligence remote/on-site background, I like to make stuff as side-projects, like the Daily UX Challenge or contribute to Mala Swimwear.

I joined the early stage of the Wizeline’s design team after graduating from the UX Academy with a public transportation project. After a couple of years working on client projects, facilitating workshops, and growing the team (both in size and processes), I joined King to work on cross games challenges.

During my time at Wizeline, among other projects, I led the user experience design on projects like a 🔑chatbot for a major home builder in the US, and mentor designers on projects like this 🔑e-Learning platform for a major game development platform. I also facilitated dozens of workshops, like an “on-boarding experience” Sprint for People Operations in-house.

At King, I lead design on topics happening across games, with a strong focus on players identity and social interactions.

I usually share back some knowledge by giving lectures and talks, providing mentorship, and by writing on Medium.