Daily UX Challenge

Become a UX jedi in a month.

This challenge will be available on Medium anytime soon!

I embarked on a #DailyUX challenge to get one design prompt every workday for 20 days to work on my writing about design.

Discover, Design, Validate

Here are some 🙌 participations by some UX folks.

#1: The Perfect Wallet

#4: Chatbot Onboarding Flow

#8: Contact Section

Problem Understanding

This is not a UI Challenge. Understanding the problem statement is the key here. And if you can run any user interviews, go do it!

Rapid Ideation

Sketch, sketch, sketch, sketch, sketch, sketch, sketch! For fast results, following the "Crazy-8" technique is recommended.

Solution Delivery

Sketches, Wireframes or Mocks: Share your design process on Dribbble, Twitter or any other social network with #DailyUX.